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About us...

Handmade, it's more than just a word

Here at BRKN Creative all our products are handmade, you will find our beautiful rings are never flaw free. These so called flaws are actually considered character and what makes your purchase a one of a kind. While we always strive to make our creations the best they can be, we also want you to be proud a small piece of what your wearing is made by one person and two hands right here in America and not across the world on some machine or worse in some sweat shop popping out thousands a day. So we love when one mans flaw becomes another's cherished piece to wear.


Will these rings stand up to everyday wear?            
      Yes these rings are coated to be water resistant and are made                            extremely strong not to break. . 

How long do these rings take to make?
      Each ring has it's stated time listed in it's description, and updated                when needed. We try our best to get them out as fast as we can without        sacrificing the quality of the ring.

Do your rings ever go on sale?
       We do run sales occasionally, the best way to keep up to date is to sign         up for email updates at the bottom of the page.

What is your return policy?
       Please see our Shipping and Policies page link at the bottom of the                 page.

Do you do custom orders?
        Yes, please feel free to contact us via our contact page at the bottom of          the page and we will try to fulfill your needs. 

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